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Whether you are a groomer looking for new clients or a pet parent who needs the best customer service in the community, we have a perfect deal for you.

Through Groomer app, professionals can schedule clients, receive payments, offer their services and make all managing as needed.

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Fur-tastic mobile pet grooming services with Groomeer

Struggling to find time for your furry friend’s grooming needs? What if there was a stress-free way to pamper your pet as you sit back and relax? Groomeer makes it the case by bringing professional mobile pet grooming to your doorstep. 

With our experienced and compassionate groomers, you can schedule what your dog or cat needs today without having to squeeze in appointments and use those pesky crates. Jump into the Groomeer app to find a groomer in your area and make your pet happier!

Why choose Groomeer as your mobile pet grooming company?

Convenience at your doorstep

Say goodbye to stressful car rides, cages and exorbitant salon fees. Our groomers bring the salon experience directly to your home, so you can save time and be sure your pet feels comfortable throughout the process.

Professional groomers

Our mobile pet groomers are skilled and certified animal lovers who know how to handle pets of all breeds and sizes. Most importantly, they genuinely care about your pet’s well-being and make sure every grooming session is full of pampering and joy for your furry friend.

Tailored pet grooming deals

Every pet is unique – just like humans! That’s why personalized grooming solutions should not be taken for granted. From luxurious full-service grooming to refreshing baths, pain-free nail trimming and dematting of those tangled tresses, our groomers are equipped to do it all.

Easy service selection

With Groomeer, you don’t have to call or drive downtown. Hire and pay your groomer for the service of your choice with several in-app taps as long as your area is covered. It’s all about finding the perfect fit for you and your paw-some friend.

Flexible hours

Did you have a chaotic day? Groomeer is a flexible mobile pet grooming company. We work around your availability to fit any service when it works for you. That’s how we set the stage for a convenient grooming experience for you and your pet.

Hygiene and safety

Groomeer doesn’t mess around when it comes to what your pet is going to receive as part of the service. Our groomers use proven products and tools to keep your cat or dog spotless, healthy and satisfied.

Find a mobile groomer near you

With Groomeer, searching for a groomer in your location is as fast as a cat chasing a laser. And we literally mean it! Follow these three simple steps to book your service:

  1. Click the Book Online button or download our app to find a pet groomer nearby.
  2. Fill in the form to include the information about your location and pet.
  3. Get ready to be pampered while your furry friend is up for a royal grooming experience.

It feels just purr-fect

What could be more important than prioritizing your dog’s or cat’s happiness? Our mobile pet groomers are a tap away from achieving those purrs and tail wags and ensuring your pet receives the royalty treatment they deserve. Beware, though: if you use Groomeer once, you may never want to go for a salon service again!

Book some royal delight for your furry friend with Groomeer!